ginger slice close up
This recipe is inspired by New Zealand's Ginger Crunch Slice. Typically made with plenty of sugar, butter, and flour - I've swapped those things to make a healthier, plant-based, and gluten-free take on these bars, with a chewy oaty base made with chickpea flour and a creamy caramel spiked with ginger.
grape juice being poured over aloe vera cubes
This is a healthier (and tastier) version of the popular "Aloe Vera Drink". Typically grape flavoring and all sorts of added sugars are used, but in this drink it's all natural! Pure homemade grape juice with a refreshing bite of aloe vera in every sip.
pumpkin bread
This pumpkin bread is super moist and full of flavor! A full cup of pumpkin puree lends it its warm golden color and subtle sweetness. Topped with vegan cream cheese frosting seals the deal on this one.