This Coconut Caramel is vegan, refined sugar-free, and mind-bogglingly delicious! It's very easy to make and tastes just like the real thing! You can use this on almost anything, whether it's ice cream, cakes, a spoon (!), and can even be stirred into your coffee as a malty sweetener.
These Healthy Chocolate Covered Nut Butter Date Bites are the perfect snack for when you're craving something sweet. Reminiscent of a gooey snickers bar, these will rock your world! They are entirely sugar-free (other than the naturally occurring sugars in dates), vegan, and an all-around easy, healthy treat. Enjoy!
This very simple Grilled Polenta with Tomato Caper Salsa dish is an easy, light weeknight dinner, side dish, or a perfect lunch. I usually make these when I have leftover polenta from another meal I had earlier in the week. Excluding the time it takes to make the polenta (before solidifying) this recipe takes less than 20 minutes to make!