Dehydrated Banana Chips (Crunchy or Chewy!)

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Dehydrated Banana Chips (Crunchy or Chewy!)

How to make both crunchy and chewy banana chips in the dehydrator. 


  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 8 large bananas


  1. Combine the lemon juice and water in a bowl.
  2. Slice the bananas into approximately 1/4 inch thick coins, alternatively, slice the bananas lengthwise for banana strips (this will have an impact on the drying time).
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly and drop a small handful of banana coins into the lemon/water mixture to coat. Gently remove, and place onto a dehydrator tray. Repeat with all the banana. Use any leftover lemon/water mixture in your next smoothie.
  4. Put the trays into the dehydrator and turn it on at 57°C for 12-15 hours. After 12 hours they will still be chewy, while at 14 hours they’ll definitely be towards the crispier end. Because there may be slight differences in the thickness of your banana slice, I recommend checking on them after 12 hours and trying one to see how much longer it needs. I use a 5-tray Excalibur Dehydrator, so if your dehydrator has different settings then put it on the setting closest to 57°C, slight variations in temperature won’t have an impact on how the banana chips turn out.


  • These banana chips are a perfect on-the-go snack, lunchbox snack, children’s treat, addition to your homemade granola, and even for dipping into peanut butter or guacamole (who would have thought?).
  • Feel free to add some spices to the bananas after coating them with the lemon/water mixture. Cinnamon, allspice, clove, or cardamom are some good pairings.
Dehydrated Banana Chips (Crunchy or Chewy!)
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